Wine List

Wine List at U Kata

  • Sparkling Wine

  • Bohemia Sekt demi sec

    • 0,75 l 290,-
  • Bohemia Sekt non - alcoholic

    • 0,75 l 290,-
  • Prosecco Frizzante Doc Villa Cornaro (Italy)

    • 0,75 l 299,-
  • Prosecco Frizzante Doc Villa Cornaro (Italy)

    • 0,1 l 55,-
  • White Wine by the Glass

  • Tramín - demi sec (Moravia)

    • 0,2 l 48,-
  • Chardonnay (Italy)

    • 0,2 l 48,-
  • Red Wine by the Glass

  • Merlot (Italy)

    • 0,2 l 48,-
  • White Wine

  • Grüner Veltliner - dry (Winery F. Mádl, V. Bílovice)

    • 0,75 l 270,-

    A fresh and very light wine with a delicate aroma reminiscent of grapefruit, bananas. In the mouth, wine is balanced with fresh acidity and a clean finish. 

  • Chardonnay - demi-sec (Winery Sedlák, V.Bílovice)

    • 0,75 l 280,-

    Dominated citrus fruit aroma as well as grapes aroma and baked raisins with dpivy honey undertone. Taste is rich, comprehensive, has a balanced sugar and acid.

  • Sauvignon Blanc (Winery F. Mádl, V. Bílovice)

    • 0,75 l 350,-

    The lively aroma of black currant, gooseberry, and bloom is complemented by tones of yellow core and tropical fruit with an impressive aftertaste of meadow honey.

  • Chardonnay (Winery Sedlák, V.Bílovice)

    • 0,75 l 290,-

    Pleasant scent of pears with vanilla undertones, rich in flavors with an oily finish and rich mineral structure.

  • Welshriesling (Mikrosvín Mikulov)

    • 0,75 l 290,-

    Wine of the color of the midday sun will surely dazzle you. As in the large Welsh Rows, you can also find typical Palau features. In the fragrance you will find nuts in connection with honey. In taste you will find the juicyness of a young wine with a light mineral structure.

  • Pinot Gris (Balgovo malé vinařství Tvrdonice)

    • 0,75 l 370,-

    A golden-yellow color and a rich, yet delicate scent of exotic fruit, enhanced by the lustrous tones, captivates even before tasting. The taste is full and complex with fruity honey aftertaste.

  • Pálava - semi-sweet (Winery Hranice)

    • 0,75 l 370,-

    The wine has green-yellow color with golden undertones. The aroma is very pleasant, prevails fruity, floral and spicy aromata.In taste you can find a combination of meadow honey, vanilla and citrus fruits, especially oranges.

  • Hibernal (Winery Omasta)

    • 0,75 l 370,-

    Typical varietal wines have a greenish-yellow color. The aroma is intense, pleasantly fruity, taste full, very extravagant, typically spicy. There is a higher acidity in the variety wine, delicate harmony in choices.

  • Sauvignon Blanc Endless River (New Zealand)

    • 0,75 l 390,-

    White wine with intense and fresh aroma with green tones of lemon grass, green figs, limes, white peaches and green tea gunpowder. The taste has tones of ripe yellow fruit - caramba, mochyne and peaches. We recommend serving as an aperitif or fish dishes: especially prawns and other seafood, cold sausages, mayonnaise, smoked salmon and avocados, fish terpenes, asparagus, mozzarella tomatoes, or goat cheese and herbs.

  • Riesling (Resen Land, Weinviertel)

    • 0,75 l 390,-

    Wine of light golden color. Fruit aroma and wine taste with fine minerality. The taste is delicate and rich. It is especially suitable for fish dishes.

  • Rosé Wine

  • Zweigeltrebe Rosé - dry (Winery Tetur, V.Bílovice)

    • 0,75 l 270,-

    Light rosé wine indicates refreshing experience. The fragrance is a combination of raspberries and strawberries. Pleasant fruity aroma is transferred also to taste this lightweight and easy-to-read wine.

  • Red Wine

  • Zweigelt (Winery F. Mádl, V. Bilovice)

    • 0,75 l 270,-

    Lightly structured lighter red wine. The scent is dominated by a ripe plum and black sour cherry. The taste is delicate with a low trace of tannins, which refined to conceal the taste of the forest fruit backed by a pleasant, light acidic.

  • Cabernet Moravia - dry (Winery Sedlák, V.Bílovice)

    • 0,75 l 300,-

    The color is bright red with a touch of violet. The scent is tannin, after heating is blooming into green peppers and then into beautiful ripe raspberries. Flavor is fine, pleasantly rough, full of sweetish tannins and tones after dried red peppers and raspberries.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon - dry (Moravíno Valtice)

    • 0,75 l 370,-

    Distinctive cabernet aromas of black currants, wild berries and violets. The taste is complex, structured with a mature plum and chocolate. Pleasantly fresh, velvety wine with distinctive tannins at the end.

  • Chianti Docg Cantine Gini (Toscana, Italy)

    • 0,75 l 370,-

    The aroma is typical, fruity, reminiscent of cherries, sour cherries and harmoniously goes to the cherry jam. The taste is fresh, light to medium-sized, uncomplicated and juicy wine. Aroma of cherries and black fruits..

  • Barolo Bosio Docg (Piemonte, Italy)

    • 0,75 l 790,-

    Relative intensive red colour with garnet reflections, rich and complex taste, with remarkable concentration and scope. We can note a flavour of red forest fruit, with mint, vanilla and liquorice in the background.

  • Valdepalacios Crianza Bodegas Leza García (Rioja, Spain)

    • 0,75 l 390,-

    Wine made from selected grapes of the indigenous varieties of the area. Tempranillo , Red Garnacha, and Mazuelo. Once the fermentation is completed, the wine ages for 12 months in french and american oak barrels, then rests in bottles for at least 6 months to complete its maturing process and roundness. Wine with an intense, briliant ruby red colour. Spiced wine, with hints of wine hardwood. Aromas of ripe fruit, harmoniously blended wieh aromas of new wood.

  • Malbec Casarena - dry (Mendoza, Argentina)

    • 0,75 l 390,-

    The rich scent of forest berry, dark stone fruit, plums and with light tone of resin. Very adaptable taste with a touch of spiciness.

  • Burčák

  • New

  • Burčák

  • New

All the mentioned wines contain allergen No.12 sulfur dioxide and sulphites.

Current offer of Kutna Hora wines on request at the service of hotel restaurant.

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