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Kutna Hora is not known only by its well-known sights but also by the centuries of an interrupted beer tradition. After a short break, local brewery reopened under a new name Měšťanský pivovar v Kutné Hoře and continues with the tradition of brewing local tasty beer. Even in middle-age people know a beer is not only a delicious drink but also very vital for their bodies and souls. At these times the first beer spas were founded and were dedicated only to the rich townsmen. In Kutna Hora were at these times several beer spas and after the centuries of interruptions, the beer spa U Kata continues in this middle-age tradition.

The spas are located in the old brick vaults. You can look forward to a beer bath filled with a water heated to approximately 35° C and enriched by ingredients used for beer brewing. A guest comes to this bath and is let to enjoy the power of minerals and beer cultures. A hot spa warms a skin, thus it gets the harmful substances out of your body. The brewer’s yeasts bring to your skin vitamin B, proteins, sugars and are vital for its regeneration. This procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Then comes a dry wrap and a relax taking 25-30 minutes. During this, you lay on a bed where your body sweats and relax. With the dim lights and relaxing music, your organism gets calm. During the procedure, you can draw your very own local beer Silver 11°.

A beer spa heals your body and mind. It is vital for your face, hair and immunity system. It warms your joints, eases your muscles and regenerates your skin.



A whirlpool provides our guest a maximum of privacy. A time spent in a whirlpool with 31-33° C hot water is vital for a blood supply to your limbs. It also activates the skin receptors and helps to overcome a muscle and joint stiffness.

Enjoy a romantic evening in our private whirlpool and let your bodies to get touched by thousands of water bubbles. A romantic music enhances the romantics level to maximum. In order to make your evening even better, we prepared a large offer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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A sauna provides our guest a maximum of privacy and an uninterrupted relax vital for their health. There is available a Finnish sauna made by a light wood and a hot steam. After warming up in sauna there is prepared a cold water bucket which cools you a little bit. A part of the private sauna is the relaxing space where you can sit and lay on a deckchair made of exotic wood. In order to make your evening even better, we prepared a large offer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Private sauna U Kata is suitable even for a group of friends.


Finnish Sauna

In a Finnish sauna, a visitor gets to a place with an average temperature from 80° C to 110° C and a humidity of air 8-15 %. During this procedure, your body will intensively sweat activating skin receptors and stimulating your blood circulation. A Finnish sauna is vital for psychical condition and body regeneration including muscles. It is also very good for your skin, hair and brings you into a good mood. It is a great prevention of respiratory diseases, allergies and helps you to accustom your body against cold.

Steam Bath

A steam bath is similar to a Finnish sauna. But it has quite different climatic conditions. A humidity is much higher (even 100 %) but a temperature much lower (43-46° C). Your body will not get so fast warm as in a sauna. The steam bath is good against respiratory diseases and rheumatism. It is vital for a health of your skin. It helps you with acne and cellulite. It is a good way for relaxing your body, revitalising organism and losing weight.

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