Relaxing Massage

This massage is based on a generation-proven Swedish method by Pir Henrik Ling. This method includes fast grip changes. At one moment a decent strength is used (kneading, beating, trembling). Then it changes and soft techniques are used (rubbing, smearing, spreading). During the massage, the special massaging equipment is used which are not irritating your skin (mostly massage oil and emulsion).

Aroma Massage

This massage connects the benefits of classic massage with results of the essential oils, herb oils coming from various parts of herbs – flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, barks and wood. This massage supports your health, immunity, helps you against tension and stress and harmonize your body and mind.

Gallery of Massages

Hot Lava Stone Massage

The massage techniques using warm and hot stones were already known in old-age China, India, Mesopotamia as well as at old Inks and Mayas. At massage, the special smooth stones are used and they get heated to the therapeutic temperature 55° C.

Chocolate Massage

A uniqueness of chocolate has been known even 2000 years ago. In these times people knew it makes us well-tempered and it revitalises our skin. The chocolate massage is great for smoothing and beautifying our skin, riding off cellulite, getting a good mood, detoxicating our organism and easing our muscles.

Indian Head Massage

This massage is good against stress and tension we are still facing to. It leads you to a maximum relax. It eases your muscles, shoulders and helps against their pain.


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